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Dacia 1300/1310 in CZ

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2008-10-25 23:58:12


I have a question: Do you have any ideea about how many old dacia (1300/1310) are still functional in CZ? I am just curious...

2009-04-03 06:46:56

HELLO can you visit Damascus to know how many old dacia (1300/1310/1306/1309/00/00/00////)are still working , I will happy to sea you here

2009-04-03 20:02:46

i dont know, but it will be very high number

2009-10-27 13:06:55

do you know any one who would be interested in buying dacia body panels and mechanical parts. i have a huge stock from a former dacia dealer

2010-02-23 15:42:46

i need thermostat housing and the thermostat for my dacia pick up

2013-03-03 20:15:05

ag02cws: I can found out, let me look at that

2013-03-03 20:16:04

anthonyowenbartlett: please specify the parts location, how many , cit would be also good to know more details, I can arrange transport & transaction itself.

2013-03-17 04:52:16

ag02cws: we had Dacia 1300 (Renault 12) lot of years ago. It was one which was produced yet from the imported Renault parts, assembled and paint in Romania. It was a great car at that time, I like to remember to it. We travelled with it several times to Yugoslavia and other countries for vacations. Many years our family was using it and was happy with it.

And still I have some brand new spare parts for sale fo rthis car - they are not Dacia, but original Renault (adverts are in czech language, sorry, use Google translator if you would like to understand that)