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2007-06-01 13:11:07

hi my name is Peter and I'm from Poland,a have to write in En because I do not know your language when i was surfing on the internet i found that site fortunatelly. I have on my own Dacia 1310p '84 and i am looking for some part to Her:)....I need both half-shaft's and a ignition system (distributor) but I prefer completely new parts, so if somebody help me somehow, I wiil be glad...Maybe someone knows some romanian sites where a can buy that stuff...thanks a lot for help

2007-06-26 15:09:34

As a matter of fact I am able to send you any 1984 Dacia 1310 spare part.

I am from Bucharest and I have a Polish bendix on my 1994 Dacia, it's cheper and OK so far.

For any parts mail me as soon as you find a financial solution.

I take no fare, just postal taxes and spare part price because I want to help a Dacia 1300 owner.